Infected does not mean Infectious



AGID – Agar gel immunodiffusion (test), Commonly referred to, in this context, as the “Coggins” test. Since 1970, the AGID test, which detects the presence of antibodies against the p26 protein, has been used and is recognized internationally as the gold-standard serologic test for the diagnosis of EIA.


CELISA – a competition enzyme-based serologic test, which detects antibodies against the p26 protein. (ELISA formats are inherently more sensitive than AGID tests.)


Diseasemedical condition: a condition in humans, plants, or animals that results in pathological symptoms and is not the direct result of physical injury.


ELISA – a serologic test using an enzyme which binds to an antibody or antigen creating a distinguishable color change.


Lentivirus - a retrovirus causing illness that characteristically does not produce symptoms until some time after infection.


MDAR - Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources


Outbreak - a sudden occurrence (Encarta Dictionary – North America).


Retrovirus - a virus whose genetic information is contained in RNA rather than DNA. Some retroviruses cause AIDS and cancer and they contain the enzyme reverse transcriptase for generating DNA from RNA.


RT-PCR - Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test.


SA-ELISA - a synthetic antigen ELISA test which detects antibody against the gp45 protein. (ELISA formats are inherently more sensitive than AGID tests.)


SCID - Severe combined immunodeficiency, a severe form of heritable immunodeficiency, “Bubble- boy” syndrome, immune system is virtually nonexistent.